Oklahoma Junior Academic Bowl Association

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 POSTED JUNE 16, 2017:
     Invitations to join OJABA for the 2017-2018 school year will be going out by the end of July—by email to last year's 215 member coaches, and by USPS to over 300 other non-member schools who are eligible to join.
     As we have every year, we have tweaked the rules wherever needed to make them as effective, fair, and equitable as possible.  Rules changes and "tweaks" will be printed in red in the rules booklet. By the end of July, you may view the complete 2017-2018 OJABA Rules Booklet by clicking on the link on the "Documents" page.
     There will be no state meeting this year, but on the last page of the rules, you will find phone numbers and email addresses for all of your officers.  All of us are available almost all of the time to answer your questions or to counsel you.  Feel free to call us whenever you need to.