Oklahoma Junior Academic Bowl Association

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POSTED MAY 2, 2017:
     The completed brackets from all four State Tournaments have been linked to on the "Documents" page.  Congratulations to those who placed.
     The 6&7, 7&8, and 8&9 State Tournament brackets have been updated to include room numbers different from those on the brackets previously.  OU has recently made available six new larger rooms.
POSTED MARCH 29, 2017:
     All of the State Tournament brackets are linked to on the "Documents" page.  Room numbers have now been added to the brackets.
     Membership enrollment concluded October 1; we have 216 member coaches this year, down eight from 224 in 2015-2016.  About three fourths of this year's members have paid their fees; to those who still owe your fees, remember the deadline for payment is December 1.
     Listed on the "Documents" page are links to the district and regional groupings by Class.  Check these groupings to see where you will be playing your district and regional tournaments and who is hosting each of of your tournaments.  If you are a host, you should begin contacting the other teams assigned to each of your tournaments now; see the rules for time frames during which each of the tournaments should be played and for deadlines for setting tournament dates.  If you are not hosting and you do not hear from your host coaches in a timely manner about setting dates, get in touch with your host coaches and remind them about setting dates.  Later today, you received an email attached to which will be the "Member List" for your class, so that you will be able to communicate with one another.
     Good luck with your teams this year, and remember, compete well but be sure to have fun as well.
POSTED JULY 27, 2016:
     Invitations to join OJABA for the 2016-2017 school year will be going out soon—by email to last year's 222 member coaches, and by USPS to over 300 other non-member schools who are eligible to join.
     As we have every year, we have tweaked the rules wherever needed to make them as effective, fair, and equitable as possible.  Rules changes and "tweaks" are printed in red in the rules booklet. You may view the complete 2016-2017 OJABA Rules Booklet by going to the "Documents" page.
     Again this membership year we are going to use the postal service as little as possible to communicate with and distribute forms to our members.  Each member must have an email account that is checked frequently because emailing will be the primary means of communication between officers and members.  Members will need to access our forms (including the rules booklet) by clicking on PDF links on the "Documents" page, or by email request.

The Grades 5&6 Tournament will be held April 1, 10 A.M., Physical Sciences Building, Norman OU campus.
The Grades 6&7 Tournament will be held April 8, 10 A.M., Physical Sciences Building, Norman OU campus.
The Grades 7&8 Tournament will be held April 22, 10 A.M., Physical Sciences Building, Norman OU campus.
The Grades 8&9 Tournament will be held April 29, 10 A.M., Physical Sciences Building, Norman OU campus.

     There will be no state meeting this year, but on the last page of the rules, you will find phone numbers and email addresses for all five of your officers.  All of us are available almost all of the time to answer your questions or to counsel you.  Feel free to call us whenever you need to.